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Getting Started

Education is the single greatest guarantee of a prosperous and secure life. Every step you or your children take up the educational ladder, from a simple high school diploma or GED up to a graduate or professional degree increases your expected income and decreases the chance of unemployment.[1] That's why low and middle-income Americans across the country are fighting to get their kids quality pre-school and elementary education, coaching them through the struggles of high school, and struggling to put them through college. We all want what's best for our kids, and education is at the core of that. The power of education to improve lives is also bringing millions of low and middle-income adults back to school to gain new knowledge and skills and move up the economic ladder.

Education, like everything else in America, often seems rigged in favor of the wealthy. High-income kids consistently have better test scores, lower dropout rates, and higher academic achievement than their less affluent counterparts and the gap has been growing for at least 50 years.[2] That sounds like bad news for low-income students and their parents, but there are ways to break the trend. Research consistently shows that one factor in student success holds steady across all levels of income and social status: the power of an engaged and supportive parent. The single most accurate predictor of a student's achievement in school is not income or social status but the parent's interest in their child's education.[3] Whatever your income, your support can help your child succeed.

Parent support most influential in the early grades, but even in college a student's fate does not depend on income or status. A study by the Wall Street Journal concluded, analysis found that "mindset"—a student's sense of social belonging or grit, for example—is a stronger predictor of whether a student is likely to graduate than previously believed… it counts even more than external factors like standardized tests scores, income levels and whether the student's parents are college graduates. The message is simple: the future is in your hands.

It's easy to say that involved parents and committed students can break the income/education gap and drive success. Doing it is harder. This site is designed to help parents and students of all ages build and implement successful strategies for educational success. From preschool to adult education, you'll find practical guides to help you or your children succeed no matter where you're starting. Education is the great equalizer, and we believe that every American should have an equal chance to succeed in school.


We've organized these articles and resources into four categories to make it easier to find what you need. The categories are broken down by student age: preschool and elementary, high school, college, and adult education. Each contains information designed to help you meet the academic, financial, and personal challenges that you'll meet on your way to a better education and a better life.


Why Preschool Matters - Does your child really need preschool? It's not required, and many people choose just to skip it, but there are good reasons to look for a good early education program, and many places to get help with the cost. Here's what you need to know.

Head Start Program - What To Know - If you're among the millions of Americans struggling with childcare or preschool costs, read this article now. Head Start is a program dedicated to providing high-quality early education and family support services to low-income children, and it could be exactly what you need.

Find Quality Child Care On A Budget - Access to quality childcare services can be a huge asset to any family, but the cost is often prohibitive. Government and nonprofit programs offer financial assistance that can give low-income families access to the help they need.

After School Resources For Kids & Teens - After school programs provide affordable or even free childcare between the end of the school day and the time their parents get home from work. Check out the programs and the vital service they provide to low-income working parents.

Educating Your Child On A Low-Income - Affluent students have big advantages in getting a top level education, but there are ways for low-income parents to level the playing field. Here's how to beat the odds and help your child get ahead!

Supporting Your Learner In School - Children with engaged and supportive parents do better in school at every grade, and your help in elementary school can build a foundation for your child's lasting success. Here's what you can do to support your little learner!

High School

Parent's Guide To College Prep - Going off to college is a milestone in a young person's life, and good preparation will help students cope with new responsibilities. If you can't afford a fancy class or workshop, don't worry. You can help your child yourself, family style.


Parent's Guide To High School - High school can be a struggle for parents and students alike, as young people struggle to cope with the changes of adolescence and new social and academic challenges. Here's what the low-income parent needs to know to keep up!

Parent's Guide to Dealing With Bullying - Bullying is a common problem in American schools, and it can have a devastating impact on a child's happiness and academic success. Here's what you can do if you suspect that bullying is affecting your child.

GED Programs - What To Know - If you're struggling to find work or advance your education without a high school diploma, the GED could be your ticket to a better life! Our handy article breaks it down.

Ways To Help Your Teen Succeed In School - High school is never an easy time, and low-income students struggle more than most. Whatever your income level, though, some things do not change: students with engaged and supportive parents get better results. Here is what you can do to help.

College vs. Trade School - Which Is Better? - A college degree is a great way to start a career, but admission is difficult, tuition is expensive, programs take years to complete, and you might end up deeply in debt. If you're not sure about college, trade school is a great option that you should consider carefully. Here are the pros and cons of each.


Pay For School Using Free Assistance - If you can't afford to pay the cost of college, you're not alone. Thousands of grant, scholarship, and subsidized loan programs provide billions of dollars every year to help low-income students get the education they need. Here's where to look.

Scholarships For Students In Need - Many students are intimidated by the high cost of university education. Fortunately, there are plenty of funding opportunities for resourceful students. Our helpful article breaks it down.

How To Afford College - Housing, Books & More - Living expenses, transportation, and supplies amount to more than 50% of college expenses for many students. Budget wisely and cut some corners, and you can save thousands of dollars every year.


How College Students Can Stay On Budget - College is expensive, but you can cut your costs considerably with good planning and a few tricks. Here's where to start.

Creative Ways To Afford College - College is expensive, and many Americans feel like they face a choice between not getting a degree and graduating with a mountain of debt. Grants and scholarships can help, but if they aren't enough, you may need to think farther outside the box. Here's where to start.

The Pros & Cons Of Online Education - Online education is an increasingly viable option, with thousands of reputable institutions offering a wide range of course options in a highly flexible format. Is online education right for you? Here are the points you'll need to consider.


Free Training For A New Career - Are you ready for a new job, or to step up from a dead end job to a career with a future? Many opportunities offer free training in well-paid fields where workers are in high demand. Here's what you need to know!

Trade Schools What To Know - Want a well-paid career but worried about high tuition costs and crippling debt? Trade school might be the option for you. Our helpful article breaks it down.

Tips For Adults Going Back To School - Millions of American adults have gone back to school to enhance their knowledge and improve their career prospects. If you're thinking about joining them, here's what you need to know!

Best Tips For Managing Work, School & Life - Millions of American College students are adults, and most of them are juggling a combination of school, work, family, and personal responsibilities. It's not easy, but with planning and effort, it is possible to find a balance point. Here's where to start.

Adults Going Back To School - Now More Than Ever - Have you considered going back to school to earn a degree, diploma, or certification that would boost your employability and earning power? It may be time to take the plunge! Here's what you need to know.

How To Pay For College As An Adult - Hundreds of thousands of American adults have gone back to school to earn degrees and improve their job prospects. If you'd like to join them, don't let the cost deter you, because help is out there. Here's where to start.